First NIIOS Cornea Evening – Live Online – June 6th 2020

On Saturday, June 6th, 2020 we organized our first virtual NIIOS Cornea Evening – Live Online. We are thrilled to have attracted over 800 registrations from more than 65 countries.

Like in our previous evenings, the faculty includes trendsetting and pathbreaking corneal experts from all over the world who shared their innovations, experiences and strategies. There was a possibility to ask questions during interactive Q&A sections. As has become tradition, the program of NIIOS Cornea Evenings starts off with musical compositions by John Gottsch & Gerrit Melles.

We hope you enjoyed the Evening with its scientific sessions, music, and surprises as much as we did! Despite the different format compared to our previous evenings, we strongly perceived your presence. Thank you for your continuous interaction via the live chat and for sending your questions, messages and pictures to us and other participating attendees and speakers. Below you will see an overall impression of the event with some backstage photos, reviews, more information about your unanswered questions, the recording of the event and sent in messages by attendees from all over the world!

Click here for an impression of our previous cornea evenings.

We gratefully acknowledge the support of our partners and sponsors:

This event is powered by: Eurobio, Lions Eye Institute, SurgiCube, Hippocratech, Visser contact lenses, and Ziemer.

"This was an excellent webinar and an outstanding best practice example of how to run an online event."

- Dr. Cara Antoine

Your unanswered questions 

Due to the limited time, we unfortunately could not address all your questions during the event, but we wanted to provide you with some of the answers afterwards. You can find some answers to the questions that were not discussed during the broadcast and the poll results here.

Recording of the NIIOS Cornea Evening – Live Online 

We have uploaded the clean recording of the whole NIIOS Cornea Evening – Live Online on our YouTube channel for you to watch at your own convenient time. If you have registered, you have received a link to the recording in your email. If you have not registered but you do want to view the recording of the NIIOS Cornea Evening – Live Online, please fill in the request form on the right side of this page (if you opened this page on your phone, the request form is on the bottom of this page).

Evaluation form 

Lastly, if you did attend our NIIOS Cornea Evening – Live Online we kindly ask you to fill in the following evaluation form which will take you only 5-8 minutes and will help us majorly to improve future NIIOS events!

We look forward to seeing, meeting, chatting and interacting with you at one of our upcoming NIIOS events. So, please keep an eye on our website and connect on LinkedIn!


"Beautiful sessions on this 'day of vision': 6/6/2020!"

- Participant via Slido during the liveshow

"What a beautiful way to begin this Cornea Evening: with music, LOVE it!"

- Participant via Slido during the liveshow

WhatsApp messages

Below you will find a selection of some of the messages submitted during the event (click on the image to see it enlarged):

On behalf of the entire NIIOS team, best regards and goodbye in your own language!